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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Guerlain Les Voilettes compact powder

Isn't it a beauty? I loved taking photos of the product - its absolutely gorgeous! Guerlain have some of the most appealing styles of packaging I've personally seen.

This time I'm going to be giving you my review on the Guerlain Les Voilettes compact face powder. I am now a lover of face powders whereas before for some crazy reason I wasn't - no wonder my face always looked so shiny (not a cool look, trust me) 

This particular powder is translucent - my favourite of all. What I love is how it sits on my skin, it has this caring and classy quality to it. Once applied it leaves this invisible yet airbrushed finish, no-one would know that you've applied a compact unless you told them. Maybe I've fallen in love with it a little bit, ok a lot!!!  In all seriousness this product delivers, its weightless, loving and most of all flawless. I also love the fact that it doesn't mask your face and how versatile it works with different foundations yet still conveys its attributes. I find it even blends without an effort and there's no worry of it not working along side any blushers or bronzers as it helps make them look natural too.
As it's so light I've had no issues of it sitting in any lines either - Yay!

Another fantastic quality to this is the smell, it reveals a very light perfume scent. It's not over powering at all but even the smell feels like your skin is being cared for.

Apart from the quality of the product the packaging is a winner too, its classy, pricey looking and to be quite frank I want to show it off (see below) It comes with a little black pocket which really finishes this product off in terms of its looks, you can really tell how much Guerlain take pride in the smaller details.

If you're looking for a product to mattify your foundation as well as helping it last all day this is something I suggest you try. I often have my foundation on for at least 12 hours and using this powder really helps keep the shine at bay.

Yes, it is £35 for 6.5 grams but it's of the highest quality powder I have yet to try. Its available in 3 shades - light, medium and intense.

Really hope you have enjoyed this read.

Love Kerry x

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Shampoo Review

Another week has passed which means I've fallen in love with yet another product! This time it's the Charles Worthington Moisture Seal shampoo and conditioner, I've been really excited to write about the range but really wanted to give it a proper go first, hence why I waited a few weeks to share my findings with you all.

My hair is fairly dry, probably down to the fact that I have my hair highlighted often and straighten it everyday - Yes I know, that's the price I have to pay and I know its bad for my hair *insert sad face* Since using the shampoo and conditioner I've found that my hair looks and feels healthier, I've tried many shampoo's in the past that promise to deliver results but this is a result that I've actually felt and seen.

The shampoo doesn't lather much and I've found my self using a little more product than I would normally but to be fair, the less it lathers the less rubbish and nasty ingredients are within (Whenever I use the word 'within' I feel like I'm about to cast a spell...yup I'm a tad crazy)

The product contains Argan Oil, an ingredient the hair world is going mad for and I really can't blame it. Argan oil is such a luxury and usually sourced from Morocco it delivers moisturising and healing properties. That's probably why my hair is left smoother, nicer smelling and a lot more controllable! I actually now look forward to styling my hair rather than dreading it, because it's normally such a bloody fuss!

I found this product to not over dry or over compensate the moisture in my hair but leave it nicely moisturised and with its heat protecting complex it makes me all happy inside lol.

This will most probably be a product that I will use for quite some time, it's fuss free and does exactly what it says on the packaging - Simple! In terms of price I picked both the shampoo and conditioner at boots when they were doing a 2 for £9 stunt, otherwise individually they come in at £5.99

I hope you've enjoyed this post!

Kerry x

Sunday, 27 October 2013

REN Radiance Renewal Mask

You guessed it - I'm back, it's been a while since posting on here so firstly my apologies I would go into it but we'd be here all day and I'm sure you'd rather read my ramblings on the REN mask (I wouldn't blame you)

I love face masks they make me feel so pampered without having to make much of an effort, you slap em' on and just wait - easy!
This particular face mask is incredibly popular in the beauty guru world and due to its immense popularity I thought I'd give it a go. Firstly lets get the price over and done with, its average price online is around £30 and depending on your budget this is either a decent price or a little bit on the expensive side. What we must remember though is were paying for the quality and for me personally it was a product worth buying however, we are all different.

My skin often needs a little radiance boost, I suffer from the occasional break out often leaving horrid dull skin after so I wanted a product that would aid in fixing that. I know that as of yet products can't create full on miracles but if my skin shows an improvement then so be it!

Its most well known ingredient is Glycolic acid - sounds scary but I assure you it isn't. Glycolic acid helps lift those dead skin cells to hopefully reveal brighter looking skin.

As the picture states above this product contains no horrid things that can really harm our skin including sulphates and that's one of the reasons I really wanted to give the product a go, we often forget what we are putting on our skin but this product has been made to really look out for it. 

It's consistency is thick but once you apply it into the skin it really evens out and melts, leaving a clear sheen over your face - my brother thought I was sweating like crazy when I had it on, what a fool! Some people who have used this product say that it stings a little, I actually like the sensation it really feels like its working. 

Another thing I really love is the smell, it's like your applying a fresh orange over your skin and it hasn't got that horrible chemical smell to it. 

So I know the big question is does it actually work? After using the mask my skin is left smooth and incredibly fresh. I rely on the mask when I'm having a bad skin day and just need a quick fix!
It does claim to help reduce fine lines but that's something I haven't seen happen yet - mind you I'm only 22. 

You can purchase this product on many online retailers but REN is currently doing 10% off on your first order...

I really hope you've enjoyed this review x 

Friday, 13 September 2013

Redken Diamond Oil

Well if you didn't know by the title, the picture gives this review away. Yes, its the Redken Diamond Oil review ahhh the name just sounds so delicious to me. There's so much to say or write however you want to see it but this product has genuinely excited me. Hair oil over the past year or so has become incredibly popular its popularity given a kick start by the very famous Moroccan Oil. There are incredible advantages to using hair oil (decent ones obviously)

Just as the Diamond Oil was introduced I was looking at other hair oil reviews and was pretty much willing to give it a go and so then I went hair oil hunting, as you know or don't I'm a huge fan of the LookFantastic website and when they had the Diamond Oil on their front screen I just thought it was destiny....lol cringe sentence. 

I never jumped on the hair oil waggon at first genuinely because the word OIL just makes me want to scream 'Eeek' and originally made me question 'What madness have they come up with now' This is where I eat my hat so here goes...hair oil is actually amazing and from using the Diamond oil I'm pretty damn impressed. if you don't believe me you can see for yourself.

I am a complete novice when it comes to hair and styling so I want something simple yet effective from the images above I don't think that can be questioned. I also like the slight scent it has, the only way i can describe it is that its a very light perfume smell but not overwhelming at all! Many people have commented on how my hair looks and feels nice, any excuse for someone to play with my hair...is that weird? it makes me sleepy and puts me in a happy place. 

My favourite thing about the oil was how lightweight my hair still felt and most of all it didn't look like I hadn't washed it in months. 

In terms of ingredients the oils that deliver 'a nourishing blend' are the Coriander,Camelina and apricot. With hopeful results of having hair that's manageable yet treated (that's the gist i get from reading the box anyway) Theres actually another type of diamond oil,I'm currently using the intense version - pictured below is the intense and original. If you have coarse hair then intense is for you. Its also said that the Diamond oil makes the hair '3 times stronger' I've only used it a few times so I wouldn't want to comment but it's lived up to everything else so far so why not!?  

I love the versatility of this product its not just a one man job its a jack of all hair trades...did that reference work....? You understand though what I mean right?
In all seriousness here's a list of what other ways you can use it...

  • before shampooing as a treatment
  • Leave it in overnight as a longer more intense treatment
  • before blow drying 
  • Apply it to those horrid flyway's
  • Apply it to a dry scalp as a scalp/root treatment
The question on everyone's lips is 'how much?' Well for 100ml you can pick it up from the LookFantastic website for £23.99 and that's with 25% off or the Feel Unique website for £28.25!

If you're on a tight budget a great suggestion is the Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil available from Boots for a fraction of the price at £9.99! 

Hope you've enjoyed the read

Kerry x 

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Loreal Velvety-Soft Toner Review

Hey beauty gang,

It's been a few days since I've posted my apologies, I won't make up any excuses for the lack of reviews cause I'd bore you.

A week or so I got my hands on the new Skin Perfection toner by Loreal, I love a good toner it really helps finish of a skin regime and they are so simple to use. The Loreal toner is fabulous! It claims to remove impurities to reveal toned silky-smooth skin and to be quite honest it's not wrong. After using the toner my skin feels and looks clean and fresh. It has a very sensitive feeling about it and that is backed up by the very light floral/rose smell. If you're looking for something simple and easy to use this is a MUST! Often I find that a number of toners leave that horrid tight feeling that is uncomfortable, thankfully that's a sensation you won't find with this product YAY!

The consistency is nice, just like water once it's on you don't feel the product at all.

Finally I just want to talk packaging, its bloody glam! It looks more expensive than it actually really is (currently being £3.99) It's design reminds me of the Chanel toner bottles...is it only me that sees that? :)

Well anyway hope you like this rambling... Talk soon

Kerry x

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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Eve Lom Kiss Mix

Yay, my first Eve Lom product review. That's no surprise though cause the range can be quite pricey, but amazing quality. 
I have dry lips, gosh how I hate them. Having dry lips can really make that lipstick you want to wear seem crappy and accentuate those flaky parts - As I write this I've realised its not something pretty to imagine, so sorry. 

Now, I purchased this from the Look Fantastic website (which if you didn't know already I love) for £16. Yes very pricey when you can grab a pot of Vaseline for just over £1 but I wanted something luxurious, a bit of a treat. 

The Kiss Mix is described as a 'lip treatment' for dry and chapped lips (Exactly what I have) 
It contains Zinc Oxide which is fab for protection from UV, which we often forget isn't just around on those sunny days but pretty much any day. Its other obvious ingredient is menthol, which once you apply gets to work. The menthol isn't too strong but you know its there so if you're sensitive you might not like that aspect of it. 

The question is does it moisturise? Sort of, its not a miracle in a tiny 7ml pot. If you have really dry lips it makes the flaky parts a tad obvious because the consistency is slightly thick almost like a lip gloss in a pot. However once you leave it be it does get to work. 
What I really love is how versatile it is, you can apply before lipstick as a primer or after to gloss it up. 
Another important factor is the packaging it looks crisp and pristine so it doesn't look cheap either.  

If you're on a budget and want something similar try the Leighton Denny Cuti-Lips. 

I do really like this product and I'm looking forward to trying the Eve Lom range (Once I save a little as some products are at a price range of £85) 

Hope you enjoyed the read and if you fancy it follow me over on Twitter, following the link on the right! 

Kerry x 

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Liebster Award

Hey gang! 
I was tagged by Steph who has a cute little blog called Beauty and Rainbows. Seeing this is the first time I have ever been tagged in something I probably got a little too excited. To be recognised and to take part in something like this makes me realise how much I love to blog, its nice to know their are people out there that actually read the madness I write. Thanks again Steph! x 

The rules:
1. Mention the blogger who tagged you & then each person must post 11 things about themselves.
2. Answer the questions that the tagger set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer.
3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. No tag backs!

11 facts about me 

  • I love tea
  • I'm a huge fan of Assassins Creed 
  • I'm obsessed with Supernatural (Yummy... Sam and Dean)
  • I love the Transformers which made me want to own a yellow Camaro
  • I'm a londoner
  • I have fallen in love with Rome and if I was rich enough I'd buy a apartment out there 
  • I will be going to NYC in 2014! WOOO!
  • I have 2 cats, Bow and Tom Tom
  • I'm an Arsenal FC fan 
  • I love technology 
  • I want to own every foundation possible 

Steph's Questions ... 

1. What's on your wishlist at the moment?
Wow, this could be a long list, I want a Chevy Camaro - Too much to ask for? Probably. In terms of being realistic and me being a beauty blogger, I am loving REN skincare products at the moment so anything from them lol. I also would love every available MAC brush! 

2. If you could only choose 2 beauty related items to use, what would they be?
Tough one, foundation and mascara - my eyes look weird without it. 

3. Whats your favourite beauty look this summer?
Coral and rose gold. Yesss! So gorgeous

4. In the celebrity world; whose beauty, wardrobe, lifestyle etc. would you love to have?
My gosh, because i'm indecisive there are so many. I love Lana Del Rey's look, it's fresh but its so owned by her. I also want a to add a little bit of Kim Kardashian into the mix, she's a hottie - I'd swap Kanye for Johnny Depp *wink wink.  

5. Favourite accessory? 
My watch by Marc Jacobs, beautiful

6. What is your favourite drugstore make up brand and your favourite high end brand?
Drug store i'd say loreal just because their products are great quality but look high end. in terms of high end brand, I am a lover of laura Mercier. 

7. If you were given £2000 to spend on beauty or fashion, what would you get?
Perfumes - they are pretty expensive so I have to limit my self at the moment...pretty lame. I love smelling great and the compliments that come with it.

8. Favourite beauty item?
Its always changing but currently the Rimmel Wake me up foundation, yes its been out a while but I was a little late ;) 

9. Up, straight, wavy or curly hair?
Straight. Unless my hairs feeling urgh then up! 

10. Favourite item of clothing?
A skater dress! 

11. Summer or winter?
Winter! does that make me lame? 

Ok so I tag

Belle over at Mascara and Multesers 

My questions for Belle
1. Favourite foundation and why? 
2.Favorite high street clothing brand?
3.What do you love about being a beauty blogger?
4.Favourite high end beauty product that you probably shouldn't of brought but treated yourself to
5. Your favourite blogger and why
6.Your go to beauty products
7. Lipstick or lipgloss?
8.If you could choose one celebrities style who would it be and why?
9. If you had to dye your hair a crazy colour to save the world what colour would it be? (Random I know)
10. cheapest product that you brought which really surprised you. 

Enjoy x 

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Brush Holder Idea

Hey readers,

I've spent many hours on the Internet searching and searching desperately for the perfect brush holder idea. Put it this way I eventually gave up, I couldn't find anything to my liking. Granted, it was probably down to me being fussy but when I stopped searching that's when I found them!
I'm sure that many of us have seen the 'sephora style' brush holders, glam I know. I was so envious they  were gorgeous and simple. I found these in a shop called Butlers. I believe they are drinking glasses but  once you get your brushes in you have fooled people, they work so well. Even though I'm not using the glasses for their intended purpose even though I've just realised writing this I'm quite thirsty, I have gotten away with it.

The colour is lovely, a deep sexy purple. I've just painted my room purple so it worked out even better for me. They are almost patriotic embossed with a crown design.

Shown above with my Real Techniques brush the size of the glasses are actually perfect, not too big or small. I picked these up here for just.... £1.99. They are also available in clear too if you want to keep it simple. 

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Look Fantastic Website Review

I guess we all have that one website that we are religious to, I just needed to find one...I was lost but now I'm found....Yh OK I'll stop. Lame! No but seriously There are a number of cosmetic/skin care on line store's out there but I always had mixed feelings about them, they either didn't have everything I was looking for or they were expensive and didn't offer great customer rewards.

That's when I came across lookfantastic.com - So happy I found it.

I'm a bit of a bargain shopper but also most importantly I love quality. There are millions of products out there, some work and some don't but its nice where I can have a website that sells a huge deal of choice and great for those on different budgets.

Put it this way I just spent a decent £56 on three amazing products that I will review soonish (REN Renewal mask, Eve Lom lip balm and A Murad radiance peel) The best bit about it?
receiving 20% off and a FREE Bella Pierre 'pretty woman' kit. I M HAPPY! Wait Did I also mention free delivery? No? Well there's that too.

I'm not here in anyway to force you to go check it out but you'd be silly not to.

I love blogging and reading blogs, and this site also has it's very own little blog section - Something I also suggest checking out. Its great if you want to get a personal view on a product or products. I'll often find myself coming across products I've never even heard of that I find myself wanting to try. Even if you don't want to buy anything there are some great reads on the 'blogger of the week section' (love it)

Well, that's all. I haven't been paid or asked to do this post, being a blogger is about talking, well writing about favourite things, I genuinely wanted to share this with you. 

Don't forget to follow me! x 

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

GlamGlow SuperMud Mask Review

I recently uploaded a new review along with some wonderful images of the GlamGlow SuperMud mask on my YouTube channel. I thought I might as well create a quick post for you guys so you can see the wonderful images, gosh the packaging is beautiful. I really enjoyed taking some snaps, its incredibly photogenic.        

Below you'll find all those amazing ingredients that really make this product so very versatile. What I really love and what a huge selling point is (among many) is the box, because it clearly lists what's in the product. You can tell GlamGlow are so proud of what they have put in the mask, usually you'll find ingredients in the small print - not on this occasion! You can tell they have really thought about what to put on the packaging as it also tells you how many uses you can expect from the mask (1000 uses on spots alone and 17 uses as a full face mask)

Like I said and will keep on saying so versatile as proof below.

If I didn't love my readers so much I would not of posted up the picture below it's freaky - sorry! You can see there's still some darker sections where my skin needed a little more attention (especially my nose) 
It worked like a dream, if you don't mind the smell of toothpaste or liquorice that is. As much as I complain about the smell my skin was left glowing! Applying was a little messy for the fingers but it dries very nicely and also very quickly, I felt like I had an incredible amount of Botox injected. Crazy Tight. 

It gives you the choice of leaving it on for 5 to 20 minutes, really up to you and I guess depending on what you want from it. We love choice!

for a more random view on the mask check out the video review above! Don't forget to show your support and follow me by clicking the twitter link to the right of this post. :)

Much Love x 

Monday, 29 July 2013

FeelUnique free £15 itunes voucher

Thought this might interest some of you TIGI fans out there! If you spend £35 on TIGI hair products a £15 iTunes voucher will be added to your basket! I'm a lover of the Superstar shine range. Go check it out, if not you're missing such a treat!

Why can't payday be sooner!!!! xx

I am in no way affiliated. 

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Michael Kors Selma handbag review

I've had my Selma handbag for almost 3 months now, it wasn't an easy find! EVERYONE WAS GETTING THIER HANDS ON ONE EXCEPT ME! - Sorry.

As you can see from the images below its a beauty! Its in its own class. I love how mature it looks and thats down to the square yet sexy shape. It really brings my outfits together. I'm hug and passionate fan of Mr Michael Kors. The brand is affordable (Ok, I know that its still expensive for some of you but, as compared to Chanel or Gucci we don't have to save so much and we are still getting such fab quality)

I picked this particular bag up in the actual Michael Kors shop in London's West End after looking everywhere, I actually brought the last one! :) My feet were killing me but, no pain no gain! Often square handbags appear boring but not on this occasion, the sides have what appear to be little wings really taking away that 'boring' shape and adding a interesting outline. Another plus in regards to the sides it allows for a little extra room to get more stuff in, but a nifty and clever way!

Its also among celeb favourites like Ashley Green and Kate Mara.

The colour is grey with what I make out to be a undertone of a brown, which you can see above. For me it works great with most of my outfits, as its so neutral you can easily pull off a casual or dress to impress look! So versatile.

My favourite part? The golden hardware, the 'Michael Kors' written on the front is what really ties this bag together. You can also see the texture of the leather and where its not the standard smooth effect.

Again, not an inch of this bag that isn't beautiful. I'd write my name all over it too, just it's not as iconic. 

The amount of pockets is perfect, 3 that you can see above and two that are opposite, I can store so much in this bag I think its magic!
Below you'll find the inside thats covered in the MK round logo again, keeping the very neutral and iconic tone throughout

So the big question is how much? £315 to be exact! For me every penny well spent! If you don't fancy going out and prefer to buy online you can grab yours at Selfridges!

Hope you enjoyed this quick review, be sure to follow me on Twitter!! 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Laura Mercier silk creme foundation review

Gorgeous people, I have just uploaded my recent review on the Laura Mercier silk creme foundation! 

I really hope you enjoy the video. This happens to be my Number one favourite foundation. I won't continue to write otherwise i'll bore you and well, thats what the video is for xD

Love you x 

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

BarryM Nude 342

I love keeping my nails looking sexy but its easier said than done. I work in an office that doesn't allow colourful nails so I have to keep them very simple. (Sucks right?)

Nude always works, it gives such a professional look and the colour works with pretty much everything. I was trying my best not to spend big bucks so I did a little research and literally wrote in the google search engine 'nude nail colour'. It brought me to the BarryM nail paint in the shade Nude 342

I am in love its gorgeous, so feminine and natural and such a bargain at £2.99. I am satisfied!
The image below is my gel nails with the colour painted over the top as the nail salon had everything but a simple colour so luckily I had brought along my own!

Over the top of the paint I have a clear varnish which was provided by the nail salon, so far no chips!

So all in all if you're looking for something thats simple and perfect for a professional environment then this shade is defiantly something to consider

Peace out x

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Xbox One - My take

Normally i'll sit here and talk beauty... but I do love a bit of gaming (Don't worry i'm not one of these 'look at me i'm so sexy I love gaming and shit....' or ' OMG i'm such a gamer girl') Nah! 

But all that aside I caught up with E3 which conferenced on 10th June 2013. I was super duper excited about getting a better look at the Xbox one, I've always been an Xbox kinda girl no hate against the PS4 its just for me the online experience is better and if I wanted to play for the graphics i'd just hop on a PC! lets just face it the war between the two consoles will never end, the arguments will go on for as long as the consoles exist and lets be honest its fun to have your say... and be a bit of a jerk to the opposing 'team' 

How it looks 
It actually looks like it could be a PS4's relative, not lying! 
Its pretty sleek & simple. Going by the images it doesn't look like the disk tray ejects. The console has a high gloss finish like the 360 before (until it went matte) 

Image from dvice.com

The image below really shows off that glossy finish but as we all know it will collect dust, I wonder if they will do what they did previously and revert back to matte!? (I hope not) I'm loving the look of the vents, I really think its breaks up the glossy finish, too much of something sexy isn't always good and less finger marks to clean too lol! 

Rear view 

Whats on the inside? 

  • 8 x86 core processor - Using it with 'ease' being able to go from game to app without a fuss
  • 500GB HDD - more game storage or app storage hell, even both! 
  • 3x USB ports 
  • Blu-ray - better looking games and movies (At last)
  • 8GB RAM 
What can it do?
It has SmartGlass integration where your mobile device can support you whilst playing games which we got a glimpse of during the dead Rising 3 demonstration. There is also in game capturing which you can share with your buddies. A great tool is editing your game footage which allows you to share on social networking sites - not something I would use but great for those who want an easy way of getting their videos out there without having to buy a game capture card, which can be pretty expensive! 

Live membership has also improved slightly, from what I gather there is no longer a 100 friend limit, woo. You can also share the benefits of being a gold member to those in your household - I'm waiting on them to elaborate a little in terms of sharing 'benefits' hummm... I'm assuming more than one player cant be signed in at the same time. 
Achievements have also become more 'personal' showing the player how they earned them. Theres also an update on the way you compare achievements to what your friends have earned - keeping that competition flowing baby!

Dont forget you're also getting Kinect with your console with has a 1080p integrated camera. Its become more precise and works better in almost any lighting. I think Kinect will be fun for a few days then i'll forget its there... even though I hear it will always be on, weird. 

The controller
Other than the online experience my 2nd most favourite thing about having an Xbox is the pad, the design is pretty much the same with a few improvements here and there. Microsoft have bettered the triggers by having a improved vibration that is more realistic to what is going on in game. They've actually revised 40 alterations on the pad to create a better experience. 

How much?
UK- £429
USD - $499

Yes a little steep, is it worth it? I don't know but it wont stop me from getting it, i'm quite frankly excited for it. Microsoft have changed small features here and there that I honestly think have made a huge difference. 

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Peace out xx 

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Garnier skin naturals Pure Active intensive charcoal scrub review

Most recently, I'd say maybe the past year or so my skin hasn't been great, I get bad breakouts :( 
I've always had spots but it just seems they are all over my face now rather than the usual T zone and chin. Its superrr annnnoyyying! I've been on the prowl for a decent face wash, I know I'm probably not going to find a miracle in a bottle that miraculously makes my spots fade but still I wanted something that helped I suppose. charcoal face wash, humm an odd one right? 
So what are the benefits of having charcoal as an ingredient? Well according to Garnier its a 'dirt magnet' And I friggin' love the sound of it. It claims to take all that excess sebum and remove it, hopefully leaving your skin cleaner. 

I actually use this wash with my Clarisonic brush I feel I get a much deeper clean and to be honest it works fab with the brush head. My skin is left glowing! Usually after using a face wash my skin dries out but not this time lol! I don't have to pile on other products to bring its moisture back, look at it this way...Why after washing my face to clean it should I then have to slap on more product for my face to no longer feel clean? Get me? Apart from charcoal we've got 2% salicylic acid thats the bit that helps murder those spots!!! 

Have my spots cleared? Pretty much. I haven't used it for too long BUT my spots seem less red and evil looking. In terms of 'fading marks' as it claims to do again, I think you would have wait a lot longer to see results. 
I do feel that if I use this daily I'd see great results my skin likes it and so do I. Don't worry if you don't have a Clarisonic it still gives you that great clean feeling. 

The consistency is a little on the watery side for a scrub it has these little beads to help purify the skin. The scrub is gentle so don't worry if your worried about scratching up your face xD
In terms of smell its ok, nice and fresh, its one of those things I don't mind face washes and their scents as long as it does the job eh! 

Because my skin has improved my makeup actually looks a lot better! I don't feel I'm using as much foundation :) 

Cost? Great, retails for £4.99. I usually go for something more expensive, I'm really impressed overall its a great contender for the thousands of face washes out there. If you want something easy and simple...this is all you need. 

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Satin care - Touch of Olay review

Ok, so I'm literally going to be talking about shaving gel lol. This is a short and sweet sum up of the Gillette satin care with a touch of Olay. I actually picked it up at Sainsbury's (my local supermarket for those reading abroad and thinking 'where?') and to be quite frank I LOVE IT! I'm not a typical shaving foam user I'm lazy I just use a bit of body wash and think that will do. Olay is a classic its been around ages, as far as I can remember so for me I thought I'd give it a go! its aimed for those with dry skin and especially after a shower my skin is flaky and irritated regardless if I've shaved or not. So I'm always on the lookout for something decent that says what it does on the tin and for me it does. It claims to 'Boost your shave by helping to lock in skin’s moisture for less dryness.' After using it I actually felt like i had moisturised and no dryness as of yet my skin feels lovely!

Whats the consistency like? For me it lathers up so well not too much is needed and it feels so light and fresh. Nice little smell to it as well which isn't too much. 


As you can see the packaging is pretty nice however, I have actually read that it leaves stains on your bathtub... :O but I just pack it away after so for me that isn't a worry...crazy ha?! Boots are selling it for £3.49. If you love the sound of the shaving gel there's actually touch of Olay shavers by Gillette

Would I recommend? Yes! Just remember every ones skin is different but for me it works great. 

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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Just for you as i'm an affiliate like many 
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MARC BY MARC JACOBS - Rita the cheetah iPhone 5 case.

Hey readers.
I take my phone everywhere, probably not such a great thing :/ but nevertheless it deserves to look sexy and that's the excuse as to why I spent hours looking for a little outfit for it, AKA a phone case lol (I'm just trying to justify those wasted hours well not wasted buy you know what I mean) I wanted to get something sexy but not too over the top,Marc Jacobs has a range from crazy to subtle. Which I eventually ended up going with.
Don't get me wrong though if Marc isn't for you there are loads of great cases available especially from Tory Burch (see below) They are so summer, well if you live in the UK not so much WHERE IS THE SUN!? Looking at these just makes me want them so badddddd

So why did I go with Marc Jacobs? I was looking for something a little cheaper, i'm not going to lie lol 
but I still wanted a little something more than a plain cheapish crappy not so sexy case. 
I'm always going to end up getting a new phone so I didn't want a Gucci or Louis - I was being cost effective and seeing as i'm trying to save up for a NY holiday i'm being good and saving money. I love the colour its like a lipstick reddish and overall the quality is lovely. Its a touch of feminine with a little splash of cheetah, obviously. It oozes female bitch LOOL.... maybe i'm just crazy. Had such great compliments so i'm a happy lady!  

I also wanted the soft rubber texture case rather than the hard plastic because I drop everything... thats how I role, so getting the soft case re assured me that hopefully it will protect it. I've dropped my phone a few times and so far so good! I have one happy Iphone. 

As you can see we've got the little indented sections where the buttons go... good times. No issues there. 

All in all technology is literally everywhere why not make it pretty :) 

I ordered online from Harvey Nichols so check it out there. I got my hands on the red case but theres also a white version available (See Below £30)

Would TalkBoutique recommend? I WOULD! :D 
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Saturday, 11 May 2013

A fresh new start

Helllloooo! Why is my blog empty you ask? Let me tell you... I've decided i'm going to re start blogging from a fresh, clear my head a little and hopefully fill this space with more fun exciting stuff! keep checking back! It wont be long! :) x 
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