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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Next home haul

Not so long ago I wrote a small post on my mini Next haul, I absolutely love their home accessories. I could spend every penny on them. I won't ramble on all day about how I love them, although I easily could. Heres a quick post on how I've added a few romantic touches to my room for less than £100. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!


3 Ceramic hearts £16 - These are a brilliant size, bigger than I was expecting. The largest being 16cmx16cm. They have lovely detail to them (See below) Great for adding a romantic and subtle touch to the room. 

Set of 4 coasters £8 - Excellent quality, these have a slight lilac/plum tint to them. They look lovely contrasted against my dark wood coffee table. Things that are small and sometimes overlooked  in a room happen to be my favourite thing, even down to my coasters lol! They are well made, perfectly round but a little rough on the edges - this brings a very earthy and natural look. 


Butterfly framed print £30 (50x50) - One of my favourite pieces from the haul, it really goes with my neutral theme. I love the thick frame that comes with it, hence the price. its simple in design but not one that would be overlooked. Even the cat loved it...


Smoke jewel twig lights £16 - I've wanted twig lights for some time but I always feared that they would come across christmassy. I don't know why I worried, they were a fantastic impluse buy. They are detailed with small plum and grey jewels that really add a glamorous touch to my living room. There's nothing like curling up on the sofa with just these on - they really add a homely and cosy feel. 

 I really hope you enjoyed this quick post.

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Kerry x

Monday, 12 May 2014

Urban Decay Naked Compact Powder Review

I can no longer live without a pressed or compact powder,its a huge part of my make up routine and I'm a huge routine fanatic! This time you'll be reading about my take on the Urban Decay Naked Skin compact powder, I'm rather excited.

The Naked range is fabulous, it's all about looking natural and perfect without that caked on and heavy makeup look, I'm sure you all know that cakey is not sexy. This particular powder is the sister that works along side the Naked Skin Liquid foundation but to be honest I've used it with my MAC and numerous foundations - I'm such a rebel. The idea of this powder is to help minimise and blur any imperfections whilst being lightweight. 

I've been using the powder everyday for the last 2 to 3 weeks and I can honestly say there isn't a bad thing to say about it and here's why...

It blended immaculately over my foundation leaving a smooth finish and most importantly my skin was left lovely and soft. You could see where it had been applied to the skin as it left an even finish. Its very easy for a powder to appear quite unsubtle on the skin however, this particular product was very incognito - in a less fancy description it was like you didn't even apply it. Naked is defiantly a keyword.

One characteristic many of you may look for in a product is how long wearing it is, for me personally the longer wearing it is the better. I often purchase foundations that are able to last throughout the day but sometimes that isn't always the case - hence, why I'm so hooked on compacts. The Naked compact really lengthened out the time my foundation lasted for, put it this way I came home after a 9 hour shift and my skin still looked fresh.

It provides a semi-matte finish which is great for that natural look and what I also love how effortless it is to use, who wants to wake up at 6 am and have to use a product that doesn't do what its meant to? Not me!! It doesn't sit in lines and most importantly it doesn't leave the skin looking patchy.

To top everything off the packaging is gorgeous, it comes in a floral bag that is rather fancy. If you're a girl on the go the compact comes with a mirror and application sponge if you wanted a touch up. 

All in all I think this is the cats pyjamas lol! 

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Kerry x 

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