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Friday, 2 September 2016

Yes To Review

Happy Friday, the weekend is here and I'm finally blogging after a short while - double yay!

Apart from the bottles being incredibly photogenic the products have been a wonder to use.

I'll start with the Yes to Grapefruit Scrub which you may be wondering if it holds any similarities with the award winning St Ives scrub, so here's me saying - yes and no. It works just as well however it is much more gentle on the skin and no way does this affect the outcome it has. My skin felt clean and refreshed after the first use which did result in my skin overall appearing more brighter (although I had to use it often and consistently)

Like most scrubs it helps to clear away dead skin cells that can make your skin appear dull but with the help of natural ingredients. It contains lemon balm to help repair your skin and the grapefruit to help clean and nourish it.

My skin has recently become very sensitive and using scrubs have been playing havoc with my face, leaving it really dry. Thankfully I have been able to rely on the Yes to scrub to care for my skin - it's nice to find something to trust! The smell is gorgeous too - that zesty scent that reminds me of a good old holiday!


Ok so as crazy as this sounds I love tomatoes so anything with tomatoes in are already a seller to me!
The Yes to Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Mud Mask is a favourite. For me its an award winning combination because of the fabulous range of ingredients. It's charcoal and salicylic acid along with watermelon and pumpkin feel so lush on the skin (yes I said lush)
Myself and my fiancĂ© (wink face) both have enjoyed using it. I just love the feeling of my skin after washing it away - it feels so smooth. It also leaves my skin very matte (I have quite oily skin) so that alone is a plus. Although I still get spots whist using the mask (its inevitable) my spots don't appear as red after using it - it's doing something right.
For me the mask feels expensive and feels like a high end product but you can pick it up at boots for £6.99 - I have spent a lot more on something that doesn't even match what this mask does. If you fancy a pampering day in I'd suggest this stuff! Its thick and creamy with pretty nice results.
I really hope you enjoy this read!!
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