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Friday, 23 June 2017

Holika Holika Golden Monkey 3 Step Kit Review

Hello again readers!

This time it's a review on something a little different  a 3 step lip treatment that claims to get rid of those horrid dry lips pretty much in an instant...well after 1,2,3 

As you can see the packaging is rather sweet and admittedly was a buying factor for me but I don't think you'd blame me! The sections are easy to tear too, I'm usually really clumsy when it comes to fiddly things like that.

So how does it work?

Step 1 - This pad gently exfoliates the lips and contain botanical ingredients to help those with delicate skin. In basic terms its like a mini face wipe with exfoliating bits in to help get rid of any dead skin...not the most creative way to describe it but it's exactly how it is :)

Step 2 - The hydrating mask (Doesn't taste yummy lol) contains  hyaluronic acid and hydrolyzed collagen to help plump those tired lips. As advised I left it on for 15 minutes so don't do this whilst having a conversation!

Step 3 - The lip oil, containing royal jelly and honey is to help moisturise and heal. To be fair I got a couple of uses from the packet, so great way to save some of those pennies. It's constancy is jelly like and felt really nice on the lips, didn't taste too bad either.  

I think this is a fun treatment to do, why not get the girls over for a pamper night in? not only was it fun it didn't do a bad job with my lips. They definitely felt much smoother. I wouldn't say they felt plumped but all in all not a terrible experience. I love the fun side to the brand and was overall pleased, a great way to get smoother lips in 3 steps having all you need ready to go. If you're someone that needs a decent prep before matte lipstick application and have some time to spare I would recommend the kit, it makes it last longer and saves you from the unsightly cracked lips!  

Where to buy in the UK: Beauty Bay for £3.50

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