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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Just for you as i'm an affiliate like many 
Sigma are giving all their customers new and old 10% off, just use the code below! Enjoy :D 

MARC BY MARC JACOBS - Rita the cheetah iPhone 5 case.

Hey readers.
I take my phone everywhere, probably not such a great thing :/ but nevertheless it deserves to look sexy and that's the excuse as to why I spent hours looking for a little outfit for it, AKA a phone case lol (I'm just trying to justify those wasted hours well not wasted buy you know what I mean) I wanted to get something sexy but not too over the top,Marc Jacobs has a range from crazy to subtle. Which I eventually ended up going with.
Don't get me wrong though if Marc isn't for you there are loads of great cases available especially from Tory Burch (see below) They are so summer, well if you live in the UK not so much WHERE IS THE SUN!? Looking at these just makes me want them so badddddd

So why did I go with Marc Jacobs? I was looking for something a little cheaper, i'm not going to lie lol 
but I still wanted a little something more than a plain cheapish crappy not so sexy case. 
I'm always going to end up getting a new phone so I didn't want a Gucci or Louis - I was being cost effective and seeing as i'm trying to save up for a NY holiday i'm being good and saving money. I love the colour its like a lipstick reddish and overall the quality is lovely. Its a touch of feminine with a little splash of cheetah, obviously. It oozes female bitch LOOL.... maybe i'm just crazy. Had such great compliments so i'm a happy lady!  

I also wanted the soft rubber texture case rather than the hard plastic because I drop everything... thats how I role, so getting the soft case re assured me that hopefully it will protect it. I've dropped my phone a few times and so far so good! I have one happy Iphone. 

As you can see we've got the little indented sections where the buttons go... good times. No issues there. 

All in all technology is literally everywhere why not make it pretty :) 

I ordered online from Harvey Nichols so check it out there. I got my hands on the red case but theres also a white version available (See Below £30)

Would TalkBoutique recommend? I WOULD! :D 
Please don't forget to follow me. I promise i'm not boring nor do I moan about men LOL x 
Love you all x 

Saturday, 11 May 2013

A fresh new start

Helllloooo! Why is my blog empty you ask? Let me tell you... I've decided i'm going to re start blogging from a fresh, clear my head a little and hopefully fill this space with more fun exciting stuff! keep checking back! It wont be long! :) x 
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