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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Coconut Oil: Superdrug

Dry skin? Dry hair? On a budget? me too. I've come to be a huge Superdrug fan recently just due to some of their modern and affordable products.
My hair is hughlighted every 2/3 months or so and it doesnt do my hair any good. I've also always struggled with the 'perfect' soft locks, I'm just not that lucky. Thats where this lovely tub of coconut oil comes in. As you know hair oils are all the rage but for me its important that it's as natural and affordable as possible.

After melting a palm size amount I applied it to my dry hair and left it to soak in for a good 3 hours (bear in mind its up to you how long you want to leave it on for) I was a little worried that after washing it out I'd be left with that horrid greasy feeling but I didn't! Instead my hair felt less dry, don't get me wrong my hair wasn't no Kim Kardashian smooth (cause that's a million people running round after her lol) but it was an improvement. I cant recommend spending a few pennies well £2.49 for such a versatile product. Don't go spending over a tenner for something similar with the same ingredients you'll just get the same great results.

If you have dry skin apply a little of the oil to that too, I often have dry knees and this works wonders.

Yes, this was brief but boy it works!

Dont forget to share your stories if you've tried it too!

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