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The story & About

Who am I and what made me want to be a beauty blogger/vlogger?Well i'm Kerry, I can easily talk about make up products forever, for some thats great and for others well, not so. I've always had a passion for make up. I think I can blame my Nan for that but, also thank her. She was an Avon lady, which meant her house was like beauty product heaven! She's no longer with us but I guess that's the connection I will have with her, she showed me something to enjoy and spend endless amounts of evenings blogging and editing videos about. Thank you Nanna! I live in a little house in London, its far from a palace but as long as I have a roof over my head i'm happy. Apart from talking beauty I love to travel, I haven't seen that many places yet but that costs money, something that doesn't come easy either. 

Where did the name Talk Boutique come from?To be honest it came to me from nowhere, I can't even remember when, but I liked it. It makes sense after all, I talk and well the word boutique sounds classy! 

What camera do I use in my videos and what video editing software do I use?I have actually treated myself to a new camera, the Canon EOS 600D, its amazing. Yes its a complicated looking piece of sexiness but I promise you it works like a treat! I currently edit in iMovie but I may often use Adobe final cut. My YouTube intro video was made in Adobe After Effects using the Video Copilot Evolution plug in. 

Business Enquiries - If you're looking for me in terms of business enquires contact me here at kerrytalkboutique@gmail.com

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