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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Schwarzkopf essence Ultime review

As the typical beauty blogger I'm always on the hunt for new and exciting products. often when it comes to products and celebrity ranges as much as some of us hate to admit it, we are more likely to put it in our baskets.

Claudia Schiffer is stunning and has luscious locks, a few months ago I picked up the new Schwarzkopf essence Ultime range in hope that my hair would somewhat transform into Claudia's - I know delusional, but in reality I was actually really excited by the range it offered all I required in a shampoo and conditioner.

As you can clearly see the packaging is rather fancy, it looks expensive and looks like a product you'd buy in a high end salon - Who'd of thought you could grab the shampoo for just £4.99?

It claims to help repair damaged hair and prevent splint ends by 90%. It's contents being pearl essence and refined protein, it all sounds very fancy but the question is did it work for me?
My hair is very dry recently and the amount of split ends I have is frustrating and not to mention embarrassing. I used the shampoo, conditioner and the mask for 4 weeks before I thought I'd share my findings because lets be honest its not going to happen overnight.

The results from the shampoo and conditioner were pretty decent and I'll explain why, it felt very luxurious and creamy, quite frankly it smelt lovely too. My hair felt softer and more manageable however, it does take a lot of rinsing as some residue gets left behind which resulted in the crown of my head being left quite greasy. I wouldn't necessarily say I saw much difference in my splint ends but my hair did feel healthier to the touch. If you're looking for a good quality shampoo I would say this is a great product to get hold of simply because its lovely. if you're hair is prone to becoming quite greasy I wouldn't really recommend it to you - We have to remember this is for damaged hair so the chances of it being quite heavy is likely.

My favourite thing had to be the mask, again it felt very luxurious and you didnt need to leave it in for longer than a minute, so if you're heading out somewhere and need a quick fix it's great! It left my hair feeling hydrated and gorgeous - especially great for when you're preparing to style and need to get your hair in the right place so theres less fuss.

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Kerry x 

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