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Friday, 13 September 2013

Redken Diamond Oil

Well if you didn't know by the title, the picture gives this review away. Yes, its the Redken Diamond Oil review ahhh the name just sounds so delicious to me. There's so much to say or write however you want to see it but this product has genuinely excited me. Hair oil over the past year or so has become incredibly popular its popularity given a kick start by the very famous Moroccan Oil. There are incredible advantages to using hair oil (decent ones obviously)

Just as the Diamond Oil was introduced I was looking at other hair oil reviews and was pretty much willing to give it a go and so then I went hair oil hunting, as you know or don't I'm a huge fan of the LookFantastic website and when they had the Diamond Oil on their front screen I just thought it was destiny....lol cringe sentence. 

I never jumped on the hair oil waggon at first genuinely because the word OIL just makes me want to scream 'Eeek' and originally made me question 'What madness have they come up with now' This is where I eat my hat so here goes...hair oil is actually amazing and from using the Diamond oil I'm pretty damn impressed. if you don't believe me you can see for yourself.

I am a complete novice when it comes to hair and styling so I want something simple yet effective from the images above I don't think that can be questioned. I also like the slight scent it has, the only way i can describe it is that its a very light perfume smell but not overwhelming at all! Many people have commented on how my hair looks and feels nice, any excuse for someone to play with my hair...is that weird? it makes me sleepy and puts me in a happy place. 

My favourite thing about the oil was how lightweight my hair still felt and most of all it didn't look like I hadn't washed it in months. 

In terms of ingredients the oils that deliver 'a nourishing blend' are the Coriander,Camelina and apricot. With hopeful results of having hair that's manageable yet treated (that's the gist i get from reading the box anyway) Theres actually another type of diamond oil,I'm currently using the intense version - pictured below is the intense and original. If you have coarse hair then intense is for you. Its also said that the Diamond oil makes the hair '3 times stronger' I've only used it a few times so I wouldn't want to comment but it's lived up to everything else so far so why not!?  

I love the versatility of this product its not just a one man job its a jack of all hair trades...did that reference work....? You understand though what I mean right?
In all seriousness here's a list of what other ways you can use it...

  • before shampooing as a treatment
  • Leave it in overnight as a longer more intense treatment
  • before blow drying 
  • Apply it to those horrid flyway's
  • Apply it to a dry scalp as a scalp/root treatment
The question on everyone's lips is 'how much?' Well for 100ml you can pick it up from the LookFantastic website for £23.99 and that's with 25% off or the Feel Unique website for £28.25!

If you're on a tight budget a great suggestion is the Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil available from Boots for a fraction of the price at £9.99! 

Hope you've enjoyed the read

Kerry x 

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Loreal Velvety-Soft Toner Review

Hey beauty gang,

It's been a few days since I've posted my apologies, I won't make up any excuses for the lack of reviews cause I'd bore you.

A week or so I got my hands on the new Skin Perfection toner by Loreal, I love a good toner it really helps finish of a skin regime and they are so simple to use. The Loreal toner is fabulous! It claims to remove impurities to reveal toned silky-smooth skin and to be quite honest it's not wrong. After using the toner my skin feels and looks clean and fresh. It has a very sensitive feeling about it and that is backed up by the very light floral/rose smell. If you're looking for something simple and easy to use this is a MUST! Often I find that a number of toners leave that horrid tight feeling that is uncomfortable, thankfully that's a sensation you won't find with this product YAY!

The consistency is nice, just like water once it's on you don't feel the product at all.

Finally I just want to talk packaging, its bloody glam! It looks more expensive than it actually really is (currently being £3.99) It's design reminds me of the Chanel toner bottles...is it only me that sees that? :)

Well anyway hope you like this rambling... Talk soon

Kerry x

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