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Monday, 29 July 2013

FeelUnique free £15 itunes voucher

Thought this might interest some of you TIGI fans out there! If you spend £35 on TIGI hair products a £15 iTunes voucher will be added to your basket! I'm a lover of the Superstar shine range. Go check it out, if not you're missing such a treat!

Why can't payday be sooner!!!! xx

I am in no way affiliated. 

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Michael Kors Selma handbag review

I've had my Selma handbag for almost 3 months now, it wasn't an easy find! EVERYONE WAS GETTING THIER HANDS ON ONE EXCEPT ME! - Sorry.

As you can see from the images below its a beauty! Its in its own class. I love how mature it looks and thats down to the square yet sexy shape. It really brings my outfits together. I'm hug and passionate fan of Mr Michael Kors. The brand is affordable (Ok, I know that its still expensive for some of you but, as compared to Chanel or Gucci we don't have to save so much and we are still getting such fab quality)

I picked this particular bag up in the actual Michael Kors shop in London's West End after looking everywhere, I actually brought the last one! :) My feet were killing me but, no pain no gain! Often square handbags appear boring but not on this occasion, the sides have what appear to be little wings really taking away that 'boring' shape and adding a interesting outline. Another plus in regards to the sides it allows for a little extra room to get more stuff in, but a nifty and clever way!

Its also among celeb favourites like Ashley Green and Kate Mara.

The colour is grey with what I make out to be a undertone of a brown, which you can see above. For me it works great with most of my outfits, as its so neutral you can easily pull off a casual or dress to impress look! So versatile.

My favourite part? The golden hardware, the 'Michael Kors' written on the front is what really ties this bag together. You can also see the texture of the leather and where its not the standard smooth effect.

Again, not an inch of this bag that isn't beautiful. I'd write my name all over it too, just it's not as iconic. 

The amount of pockets is perfect, 3 that you can see above and two that are opposite, I can store so much in this bag I think its magic!
Below you'll find the inside thats covered in the MK round logo again, keeping the very neutral and iconic tone throughout

So the big question is how much? £315 to be exact! For me every penny well spent! If you don't fancy going out and prefer to buy online you can grab yours at Selfridges!

Hope you enjoyed this quick review, be sure to follow me on Twitter!! 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Laura Mercier silk creme foundation review

Gorgeous people, I have just uploaded my recent review on the Laura Mercier silk creme foundation! 

I really hope you enjoy the video. This happens to be my Number one favourite foundation. I won't continue to write otherwise i'll bore you and well, thats what the video is for xD

Love you x 

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

BarryM Nude 342

I love keeping my nails looking sexy but its easier said than done. I work in an office that doesn't allow colourful nails so I have to keep them very simple. (Sucks right?)

Nude always works, it gives such a professional look and the colour works with pretty much everything. I was trying my best not to spend big bucks so I did a little research and literally wrote in the google search engine 'nude nail colour'. It brought me to the BarryM nail paint in the shade Nude 342

I am in love its gorgeous, so feminine and natural and such a bargain at £2.99. I am satisfied!
The image below is my gel nails with the colour painted over the top as the nail salon had everything but a simple colour so luckily I had brought along my own!

Over the top of the paint I have a clear varnish which was provided by the nail salon, so far no chips!

So all in all if you're looking for something thats simple and perfect for a professional environment then this shade is defiantly something to consider

Peace out x

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