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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Clean and Clear daily Facial Wash

Hey readers,

I though I'd share with you what initially had been a complete impulse buy. I was running out of my face wash, literally squeezing the hell out of it to get every last drop like a real scrimper. It was almost four weeks into payday which meant I couldn't just jump online and buy any fancy face wash. On my lunch break I went to Superdrug and picked up the Clean and Clear, baring in mind I had never used it before and hoped for the best. I wanted a face wash that was simple yet effective - you know? Something to quickly use in the shower to clean away all the remanding make up and oils from the day.

I don't suffer with Acne but I do have a breakout every so often and when they come I just grin and bare it, with hope that a touch of concealer will help me through.

The Clear and Clear fast action daily wash promises to 'unclog pores' and help clear spots by reducing bacteria and oil in your skin, it contains cedarwood and cinnamon oil which does sound pretty promising.

I've been using the wash for two weeks and I must say that although I didn't choose this product for my breakouts it has slightly helped reduce the amount of red spots that I usually get. However, there is a downside, after using it my skin became very dry and flaky. As a result I had to reduce the amount I was using the wash, it is described as a 'daily' wash but it's just too harsh for my skin to use it that often.

I'm in two minds, I want to love the wash for its spot reducing qualities but not for how much it dried out my skin. I have had to devise a routine when it comes to the wash, a couple of times a week followed by some intense moisturising - not simple after all eh!? For £2.69 am I asking too much? it's fantastic value with almost decent qualities just a shame it doesn't do what it says on the tin - 'without over drying your skin'

What we need to remember though is everyone's skin is different it may not of worked for me but could be a great product for others.

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