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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Hey Guys! So recently you are most probably aware that I have begun a new series called 'The quest for perfect?' I have invited fellow bloggers to share their stories and reviews. Below is my first guest blogger and I have been more than excited to share her post! Please show your support and visit her blog. If you are interested in sharing your stories follow this link for guidelines. Enjoy guys x

"To Those Who Said I Can't Do It, Well, Watch Me"!

Hello everyone!
I am not sure whether any of you read my blog, A Sprinkle Of Emily, where I post hauls, beauty tips and just general chat posts every Wednesday and Sunday at 6pm GMT. Once you have finished reading this post make sure to head on over to my blog (click here). I just want to thank the lovely Kerry for letting me post on her blog:)
Today I am going to be talking about confidence and products that have helped me boost my confidence. I don't know about you but I have definitely had those days when I have felt really self conscious, in fact, I am having one of those days today.
I often get asked "Why do you wear so much makeup?" and every time my answer is the same, because it helps me feel confident. People have different tricks to make them feel confident and mine is simply, wearing makeup. I often envy all of those girls that are 'naturally' confident, and I ask myself why can't I be like that?
I know that no one is perfect, even if I often call models in magazines perfect. I also know that I am not perfect, even if I often wish I was, no one is perfect. In our society today, even the skinniest prettiest person still isn't 'good enough'.
And remember...
Be nice to yourself. That may seem a little bit obvious but a lot of girls are really hard on themselves, just chill out and compliment yourself because YOU are great!
Don't compare. I have done this far too much where I have thought "If I looked like..." or "She has better... than me". Stay focused on you as everyone is different.
I also just wanted to say that you are all beautiful people. You shouldn't feel you have to change your appearance to please others, you are awesome as you are:)
I really hoped that you liked this post because I will start doing similar posts on my blog, I know it was a little rambly but I felt I had a lot to say. Make sure to leave a nice comment and I look forward to seeing a lot of you over on my blog.
See you soon,
Emily xo

Monday, 6 July 2015

St Tropez gradual in shower tan

What? A in shower tan!? ...That's how I reacted. I am as pale as a ghost, if not paler - in fact I'd probably scare a ghost I'm that translucent! I have been a fake tanner on and off for more than 5 years. Although you'd think I would have plenty of practise, fake tan would never look natural on me. I'm a girl on the go, there's always places for me to be - nothing exciting just a full time job and seeing friends from time to time but tanning isn't always easy to fit in, especially after getting in from work and just wanting to eat and sleep! The St Tropez in shower tan appealed to me because of its simplicity so I thought id give it a go...

The idea that something that has been driving me bonkers for years can actually be done in 3 minutes was magic to me, almost to good to be true? When applying the cream it went on very easily and felt as if it was moisturising my skin right away. The tanner contains sweet almond oil that is said to help moisturise your skin for up to 24 hours and I must admit my skin is feeling a lot smoother. The idea is to cleanse in the shower as normal, apply the tanner and wash off 3 minutes later - as simple as that! I have used the tan twice and I have seen positive results. My skin actually appears to have a natural glow about it and for once I don't have dark orange patches.

My upmost favourite part of the tanner is that its so different in terms of the body cream, there's none of that sticky residue left after application and that's not something you want to face in this hot weather!

I did notice a slight smell during the night and the smell slightly developed a little while later but its not heavy and nowhere near as strong as some usual self tan characteristics.

There have been mixed reviews on this product, but for me I have had nothing but good times with it. It hasn't built up around my nails nor on my dry skin areas. Its easy, new and I'm tanned without looking like an idot!

At the moment you can pick up 200ml for £9.67 (On offer at boots)

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