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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

bareMinerals Night Treatment

You guessed it, here's a review on a product I've been using for 4 weeks. I love the idea of night treatments, you go to sleep and wake up beautiful - well, that's the concept anyway. This particular night treatment is a little different from the rest and that's not a bad thing.
The results you are to expect are...
  • Reduction on visible pores
  • Increased luminosity 
  • A faster cell turnover 
It claims to do all that with help from its exciting new ingredients - 'ActiveSoil Complex' which is described as a group of minerals that renew the skin. Whats really important is what it doesn't contain too, you'll find no Parabens, sulphates or synthetic dyes in this little pot of joy! 

As previously mentioned I've used this for just a little over a month, giving it a good chance to work its magic. Its texture is like that of a powder foundation and the experience of applying it is weird, simply because you feel like you are putting on make up after you've just cleansed from the day. Its not heavy on the skin at all to the point where you forget it is there and that's important when it comes to bed time and wanting to feel relaxed. I've opted for the shade light - and yes just like foundation there are shades to it which for me is fab! Say you are not confident in your skin and you're heading to a sleepover and you're afraid of taking that face wipe to your face, trust me this is a product that really evens out the skin tone, you look naturally beautiful, it even covers up redness and spots. 

The morning results are that of the night before, my skin appeared smoother and less blotchy. It gave a great base to apply foundation to as my skin felt treated. I usually suffer from dry areas but that wasn't an issue either. If you wanted to, you could actually apply this during the day - very versatile I say! If you don't fancy a shade then it all comes in clear, you have options. If you're wondering on the price, I picked it up at Look Fantastic for around £39.00, they often have some great bareMineral deals so do shop around. 

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Kerry x

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