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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Garnier skin naturals Pure Active intensive charcoal scrub review

Most recently, I'd say maybe the past year or so my skin hasn't been great, I get bad breakouts :( 
I've always had spots but it just seems they are all over my face now rather than the usual T zone and chin. Its superrr annnnoyyying! I've been on the prowl for a decent face wash, I know I'm probably not going to find a miracle in a bottle that miraculously makes my spots fade but still I wanted something that helped I suppose. charcoal face wash, humm an odd one right? 
So what are the benefits of having charcoal as an ingredient? Well according to Garnier its a 'dirt magnet' And I friggin' love the sound of it. It claims to take all that excess sebum and remove it, hopefully leaving your skin cleaner. 

I actually use this wash with my Clarisonic brush I feel I get a much deeper clean and to be honest it works fab with the brush head. My skin is left glowing! Usually after using a face wash my skin dries out but not this time lol! I don't have to pile on other products to bring its moisture back, look at it this way...Why after washing my face to clean it should I then have to slap on more product for my face to no longer feel clean? Get me? Apart from charcoal we've got 2% salicylic acid thats the bit that helps murder those spots!!! 

Have my spots cleared? Pretty much. I haven't used it for too long BUT my spots seem less red and evil looking. In terms of 'fading marks' as it claims to do again, I think you would have wait a lot longer to see results. 
I do feel that if I use this daily I'd see great results my skin likes it and so do I. Don't worry if you don't have a Clarisonic it still gives you that great clean feeling. 

The consistency is a little on the watery side for a scrub it has these little beads to help purify the skin. The scrub is gentle so don't worry if your worried about scratching up your face xD
In terms of smell its ok, nice and fresh, its one of those things I don't mind face washes and their scents as long as it does the job eh! 

Because my skin has improved my makeup actually looks a lot better! I don't feel I'm using as much foundation :) 

Cost? Great, retails for £4.99. I usually go for something more expensive, I'm really impressed overall its a great contender for the thousands of face washes out there. If you want something easy and simple...this is all you need. 

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