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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Guerlain Les Voilettes compact powder

Isn't it a beauty? I loved taking photos of the product - its absolutely gorgeous! Guerlain have some of the most appealing styles of packaging I've personally seen.

This time I'm going to be giving you my review on the Guerlain Les Voilettes compact face powder. I am now a lover of face powders whereas before for some crazy reason I wasn't - no wonder my face always looked so shiny (not a cool look, trust me) 

This particular powder is translucent - my favourite of all. What I love is how it sits on my skin, it has this caring and classy quality to it. Once applied it leaves this invisible yet airbrushed finish, no-one would know that you've applied a compact unless you told them. Maybe I've fallen in love with it a little bit, ok a lot!!!  In all seriousness this product delivers, its weightless, loving and most of all flawless. I also love the fact that it doesn't mask your face and how versatile it works with different foundations yet still conveys its attributes. I find it even blends without an effort and there's no worry of it not working along side any blushers or bronzers as it helps make them look natural too.
As it's so light I've had no issues of it sitting in any lines either - Yay!

Another fantastic quality to this is the smell, it reveals a very light perfume scent. It's not over powering at all but even the smell feels like your skin is being cared for.

Apart from the quality of the product the packaging is a winner too, its classy, pricey looking and to be quite frank I want to show it off (see below) It comes with a little black pocket which really finishes this product off in terms of its looks, you can really tell how much Guerlain take pride in the smaller details.

If you're looking for a product to mattify your foundation as well as helping it last all day this is something I suggest you try. I often have my foundation on for at least 12 hours and using this powder really helps keep the shine at bay.

Yes, it is £35 for 6.5 grams but it's of the highest quality powder I have yet to try. Its available in 3 shades - light, medium and intense.

Really hope you have enjoyed this read.

Love Kerry x

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